1. S

    Nested vs non-nested model?

    Hi all, I am running a confirmatory factor analysis and trying to work out if my two models are nested or not - this will be important for me to decide how I compare the models (e.g. using just the AIC and CFI statistics to compare the two models, or whether I can also use the chi-square...
  2. D

    Steps for evaluate factorial invariance in AMOS

    Steps to evaluate factorial invariance Hi! I have to compare a model in samples of two countries, I have to run a factorial invariance analysis in AMOS. I have doubts about the steps to obtain configurational invariance and measurement invariance (weak, strong and strict)... finally I also...
  3. J

    AMOS - Confirmatory factor analysis - why the zero's on my error terms?

    Morning, I am trying to complete a confirmatory factor analysis in AMOS (255 subjects, 57 variables, 3 factors). I understand why AMOS automatically sets the regression weights of error terms to 1, however I am not sure what the zeros appearing above every error term are (a 0 with a small 1 to...
  4. V

    Help with understanding CFA...

    I hope someone can give me some pointers here... Or just point out to my muddled mind the porobably obvious things I am missing! I am running an online study where I have several statements that are worded to measure either A(say, attitude) or B(e.g. common sense), and these statements are...
  5. C

    Can I use Excel VBA program for AMOS?

    Hey everyone! Because I need to process data before and after AMOS model running, I wanna know can I just use Excel VBA program for AMOS? If so, how can I do it? My Software Versions: 1、XP Professional SP3; 2、AMOS 22 3、Excel 2010/2007
  6. amsavage

    bootstrap estimates with summary data

    I feel like this may be a silly question, but pride aside: If you only have access to summary data (cov matrix, means and SD) can you still generate bootstrap estimates in AMOS? I think the answer is likely 'not without raw data' but I would like to see if any other ideas exist out there on...
  7. A

    Latent Growth Model in AMOS: Positive path coefficients but a negative avg slope?

    Hi Everyone - I have a latent growth model with the intercept and slope predicting 7 equally-spaced measurements of a continuous variable. The model fit is acceptable (CFI = 0.988, RMSEA = 0.037). The standardized regression weights between SLOPE and each measurement point are positive, yet the...
  8. S

    AMOS: 0 variance above latent variable

    Hi all, I just ran my model, and it fits really well and all the parameter coefficients are strong and at least moderately high. I was confused though because the Variance reported above the latent variable is zero. The model's structure is four measured variables loading into a single latent...
  9. S

    AMOS does not display TLI index or the

    Hi again, I have my AMOS output, and it gives me a number of options of goodness-of-fit tests. However, I read about a couple of them, and they are not displaying. Do i need to do something special to make it display the Tucker-Lewis Index value? There does not seem to be a display for the...
  10. S

    AMOS: Chi-square = .000 Degrees of freedom = 0 Probability level cannot be computed

    Hi all, I just ran a model and the output was: Chi-square = .000 Degrees of freedom = 0 Probability level cannot be computed I read around about it, and I learned that it means that the model is "saturated" (i.e.: 9 moments and 9 parameters), meaning that there is an exact solution that AMOS...
  11. P

    AMOS - Ta-equivalent - constrain parameters to be equal and to unity

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a tau-equivalent measurement model in AMOS. Thus, I need to set each regression weight to 1 and give them the same parameter name so that they will be equal to one another. The AMOS user guide told me to label each parameter with a name, followed by a colon...
  12. D

    R2 in SEM decreases when adding more variables

    In an SEM analysis using SPSS AMOS with 9 latent constructs, I am trying to establish incremental validity between a basic model of 4 constructs and the fully integrated model with 9 constructs. Without going too much into the details here, I discovered that while most fit indices (e.g. CFI...
  13. G

    Can AMOS work with data composed of probabilities rather than correlations?

    Hello everyone, My question is a bit unusual, since it is not about the program itself, but regarding the data. I have a matrix representing (reverse) distance between each pair of objects. In SEM, we usually work with correlations. A higher correlation represents variables that are closer...
  14. A

    Scripting with AMOS

    Dear All, I'm learning to use the programmatic approach to constructing and running models in AMOS. This is described in the "Using AMOS Graphics Without Drawing Path Diagrams" chapter of SPSS_AMOS user guide. I followed pretty much everything in this chapter and have been able to successfully...
  15. P

    SEM in AMOS, residual errors

    Hello everybody, I need to report on a paper a model tested through SEM analyses in AMOS graphic, In the figure referees asked me to report "circles representing residual error measures for each indicator items"... well, I think I'll find the values in 'estimates'-->'variances', but which...
  16. amsavage

    AMOS: covariance matrix only input based on ordered catagorical data - possible?

    Hello, I am attempting to use AMOS to run a number of structural equation models. Several of my manifest variables are ordered categorical, a few (intended to be exogenous) are even binary. Unfortunately I only have access to secondary summary data (i.e. a covariance matrix with means and...
  17. A

    Multiple comparisons in SEM

    Hello, I am using the Multiple Group Analysis function in AMOS to compare three groups. I am using pairwise comparisons to compare group 1 with groups 2 and 3. Should I be applying a multiple comparisons technique, such as Bonferroni? I am using a maximum likelihood procedure, based on...
  18. L

    Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Can you do multilevel CFA in AMOS? I have nested data (people in groups aka students in classes) and would like to do a CFA. I know that you can conduct MCFA in MPLUS but I have AMOS. I've tried searching and can't seem to find an answer....which may mean no but would like some confirmation. Thanks.
  19. A

    [AMOS] Where can I find the significance level of Squared Multiple Correlations

    Using AMOS-18 graphics for Windows. Squared multiple correlations in the text output gives the R-square of the endogenous vars. Where in the text output can I see the significance level of these R-square values? Thanks
  20. D

    Hypotheses Testing in Amos (reading output). Help

    I have conducted a CFA for my theoretical model assessment using SPSS AMOS. I am at the stage where I need to confirm/reject hypotheses addressed by my model and I am not entirely sure how to interpret the AMOS output results in order to do that. Apparently i have to look at Standardized...