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    Conversion of DICOM in Analyze img - Package: oro.dicom

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to convert my Dicom images in the Analyze tipe, but I found some problems. I wanna access the header info (with a function of the package "Analyze fMRI"), but it still gives me errors. Code: > dcmList <- readDICOM(system.file("central slice", package="oro.dicom"))...
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    Data Analysis visualization

    Hi Everyone, Lately I have been searching a data analyzer tool/software, which would also present my data in a better way. I came across DataPlay ( software product and started using it for a month. I think this was the product I was looking for, cause it both analyzes...
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    Finding important correlations

    I have a question that relates to a project I've been assigned at work. I am supposed to analyze accounts that we have had in the past to determine if there are any variables that predict whether a current account will be a success or not. We have defined what success means to us, but there are...