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    correct approach for working with probably biased sample data

    Hi, I want to estimate the CO2eq. potential of a process. In one category I only have data on total kg input, subsuming about a 1000 different inputs. So I need an indicator for kgCO2eq./kg input in that category. I found kgCO2eq./kg values for 33 of...
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    Data help!

    I am struggling to work out how I should analyse my data. My current thinking is that a chi squared test of independence will work, however only if the data I have can be set out in the correct format. I am testing 2 IV's that are varied within each trial randomly, where each trial has a cue IV...
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    Panel study, multiple linear regression, assumptions

    Hey. I am doing a project where I am studying a set of companies over a 7-year period. I am doing a multiple linear regression analysis either with fixed or random effects (so, it's a panel study). What I am wondering is if the general assumptions/requirements apply when using the...