automatic linear modeling

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    Help determining start values of coefficients for a nonlinear model

    Hi everyone. For a dataset consisting of three quantitative variables, H, M and W I have to build a non linear model of this form: E(H)=b0+b1*M+(W/(b3+b4*M)). I tried using the "nls()" function in R, but I don't know how to determine the start values of the coefficients, b0, b1, b3 and b4. Can...
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    SPSS Automatic Linear Modeling: 0.000 and -0.000 appearing in module table

    The modules that appear after creating a linear regression model using the Automatic Linear Modeling procedure in SPSS include tables where the coefficients and standard errors for the predictors are often 0.000 and -0.000 (for the former). My questions are: 1) How can I increase the...