1. S

    Comparing average of two results!

    So here is a question which asks me to compare the mean results. https://ibb.co/g4YSDHN So I calculated the mean number of deaths per 100000 people i.e (2479/216,565,318)*100000 = 1.14. So what to say? The per-day deaths of 2019 were greater than that of in 2020. That's it?
  2. C

    Acceptable average difference value for scientific literature?

    I have two instruments that measure the same parameter, I'll call them 1 and 2. 1 is calibrated and zeroed during the study and 2 is not calibrated and zeroed so the baseline values are all over the place. I am trying to superimpose the data on a scatterplot by time matching 1 and 2. In...
  3. W

    Help explaining why question averages don't sum to composite score average

    Hi all, For context, I've inherited a report that uses an average of averages to compute a composite score. Data was collected from a survey where three composite scores are calculated for three separate dimensions. For example, Composite Score 1 has 5 questions associated with it. Each...
  4. G

    Average and standard deviation

    Hi All, I am measuring the height of a tank over time to calculate the flux. -F is the volume of tank F -On every time point, the volume is measured 3 times (since the way of measuring is quite fault sensitive) So F has an average and a standard deviation. -Flux: (F(t)−F(t−1))/dt, in which dt...
  5. A

    Finding the average of percentage increase of data in a tabular form

    Hi guys I need some help on which method is the best to use in calculating the average of percentage increase
  6. N

    Standard deviation for final results

    Hi, I have several groups of samples which each group has own average and SD. I use the average of each group to calculate the difference between each group and my reference group using this equation (2^-("Average of the group1" - "Average of the Ref group")). I wonder how can I calculate the...
  7. C

    Formula for prioritization

    Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well. I have a quick question related to an applied research I need to make for my job. Basically, we have a team of 5 people and we are doing different tasks for customers based on the priority of the tasks. So we are having a random order every day (each one...
  8. B

    Would you please help me to write the R program for my weather data

    Hello guys! I tried many times to write program in R for getting weekly average temperature for the year 2014. What I have in the excel sheet is daily temperature for a period of a year which I need to average for each 7 days. As I am working with large volume of data set, its hard to do...
  9. R

    Data analysis

    I have been asked to analyse the following data using linear analysis, mean standard deviation and ANOVA. However the data presented is supposed to be continuous but for small values they have grouped them as less then 5 almost like discrete. They represent the ages of children using...
  10. B

    generating average with missing more than X values

    hi all, let's say i want to take the average of 5 scores for class tests for each student in a class. the data looks like the below EXCEPT averagescore. That is the column I want to generate! student test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 averagescore 1 7 8 NA 7 9...
  11. I

    Calculating mean for Date values using range and counts

    Hi, For the purpose of calculating the average number of days between 2 transactions, I was always 1. subtracting the greater dates from the lesser dates (as in the LEAD functions available in different software and statistical packages) 2. adding the result of step 1 3. dividing the...
  12. B

    how to say if missing more than X?

    hi all, let's say i want to take the average of 5 scores for assignments [X1 X2 X3 X4 X5]. how do i dictate missing if 2 OR MORE scores are missing? so if any 2 or more are missing then it lists average as not available? thank you
  13. A

    Higher standard deviation than the mean

    HI ! Excuse me for my english, my writing is not very good. I want to know what implies or what explains in an excercise when the standard deviation (STD=67) is higher than the mean (M=38), and the histogram behaves like an exponential distribution. Thanks by the way ! :tup: Regards from...
  14. A

    Average individual correlations or perform 1 set of correlations

    First of all thanks for your time reading this post. I got some issue with correlation analysis that I am not able to solve at all as for more people I ask, different opinions I get (including opinions read on this forum). I will try to explain my situation: I go 1200 data from different...
  15. C

    Which Statistical Test to use for my project - Comparing two ranked lists, 2 groups

    I have a project comparing two medical treatments - 1) Treat a Presentation and 2) Treat after Growth. I am comparing the groups based on the number of complications experienced after each treatment. For each patient (in each group) it was noted if the experienced 1 or more of 18...
  16. E

    Z Scores - Can I calculate an average on 2 Z-scores or should it be on raw data?

    Hi there, I have a series of Z-scores that are calculated twice for a single subject (they are similar but taken at 2 different times). But because the parameters are from the same subject we need to do an average. Therefore my question is, should I calculate average on a Z-Score or on the...
  17. D

    Odds ratios lower than 1 for continous variable

    Lets says you want to check the effect of age on a specific event. In the univariate model : event = age, the odds is significantly lower than 1 which seems to show a 'protective impact' of age on this event (age increase -> probablity of event decrease) However, after checking, average of...
  18. trinker

    Weights for weighted mean: Do these weights make sense?

    I'm attempting to weight a mean to make outliers less impactful. I know people use a median here often but am looking to try to make a mean that's rbust to outliers. That is the further an observation is from the mean the less weight it has. I'm sure this has been done before. In...
  19. S

    How do I prove my results are statistically significant or not?

    Sorry in advance, I'm a complete statistics novice! I have a three chemical samples which were prepared in exactly the same way, and when tested have given different results. How would I statistically compare these? I was told by somebody to divide the average by the standard deviation to get...
  20. P

    Candidate selection help to find fairest mechanism to use

    Hello all, Seeking some guidance to help me as I work out the score of a group of candidates for a set of roles I am hiring for. They've had to undergo 2 exercises. One was where they were assessed during a networking session by a group of managers over the course of 90 minutes. In this...