averaging averages

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    Help explaining why question averages don't sum to composite score average

    Hi all, For context, I've inherited a report that uses an average of averages to compute a composite score. Data was collected from a survey where three composite scores are calculated for three separate dimensions. For example, Composite Score 1 has 5 questions associated with it. Each...
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    is my concept of averaging averages under this scenario wrong?

    hi all, I'm confused on the concept of whether or not to average the averages under this scenario, when the data collected are from different individuals: say there are 3 patients all having radiotherapy treatment technique A. Each of them have different no. of fractions in their treatment...
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    Averaging regression coefficients for 50 regression , how to report t statistic ??

    hi i have estimated same regression equation for 50 stocks, i need to report the cross sectional average of the regression coefficients, how can i report the t statistic for the cross sectional averages. Shoulc i average them too?? help needed
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    "averaging" standard deviations

    Hello, I've been given the mean and standard deviation of many sets of the same measurement (bead size). So, I basically have a list of means and a list of corresponding standard deviations. I need to pool and analyze the data to figure out the overall distribution of bead size over these...