base rate

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    moderation/mediation repeated measures

    Hello everyone, I need help with interaction effects in multiple regression analysis. Study went like this: 120 participants solved 20 base-rate neglect tasks which all differed in ratio and congruence (mediators/moderators). They all solved statistical reasoning test (predictor). Correct...
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    Real life probability riddle

    First time poster. I have something of a probability riddle that I'm not sure how probability experts would think about it. The story is as follows: My spouse and I received a second dose of the pfizer vaccine on Jan 14 and traveled to the USA on Jan 17. Our four children did not receive the...
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    ROC analysis - what to do when the base rate is low

    Hi, I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who could help me with a ROC analysis problem. Study background I'm currently working on my PhD looking at the predictive validity of two risk assessment tools (violence and sexual violence) when implemented in clincal practice. The outcome data are...