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    Diff p-value when using 1wayANOVA and 2wayANOVA on same set of data

    I used the 2way ANOVA to compare 2 treatments (control vs. T1) across 4 groups (A-D). I used the 1way ANOVA to compare 3 treatments (control vs. T1 vs. T2) in group A - only group A had 3 treatments. But the results for the tests were different: the 2way ANOVA said there was no effect of T1...
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    Basic help with stats for drug treatments

    Hi there :wave: So I haven't a clue where to start and am hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. I'm starting to analyse my data from laboratory research but I don't know which test to use. My data is numerical and follows a normal distribution. I have 2 different...
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    Basic question- Predicting "the whole from a part"

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    Project Idea - Intro Statistics Class

    I'm a freshman in college now and I'm taking an intro statistics course. We have a final project for this class, and we need to decide on our own topic. Also, we must collect the data ourselves and cannot use published data(such as stock prices, etc.) Could anyone give me some interesting ideas...
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    basic 3 year's observations forecasting - need for tips and feedback

    Hello everybody, I need advice about simple forecasting strategies and wondered if anyone here could kindly give me feedback. In each of the four charts shown below we have three results (2011 to 2013) of the number of farmers (above) and school teachers (below) that have enrolled and...
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    Basic Stat

    Help. I got stuck in my stat reviewer, kindly help me. (Google can not help me as i do not understand its discussion) 1. A vaccine that is currently used to immunize people against a certain infection has an 80% success rate.That is, 80% of individuals who receive this vaccine will develop...
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    Trouble with bargraph in figure mixing basic and trellis plots

    I am creating a multi-plot figure with a scatter plot at the top of the page and a bar chart on the lower part. The bar chart shows the frequecies of Types 1, 2 and 3 at various times. Each bar is of height = 1, subsections of bars proportional to the frequency, and each bar located at the...
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    basic lotto question

    Hi there, I was always confused with combinations etc but in most cases I was able to find my way out. But this one is really annoying me: Lotto game, possible numbers 1,2,...,49. You play with 6 numbers. What is the probability of actually getting all 6 correct? Easy one, since the...