bayes estimation

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    Bayesian multiple comparison correction?

    Hi everyone, I am new to Bayesian statistics and am interested in the correlation of 4 "target" variables with 52 other variables. Currently I am running several separate Bayesian Spearman rank correlations. Many of the variables are highly correlated (up to .68). Finally, I would like to...
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    Categorical data in SEM using AMOS. How can results be interpreted?

    I'm very new in SEM and I'm concerned about the reliability of Bayesian estimation of categorical variable in AMOS; then, if it is reliable, how can I interpret those results? How can I know which category is associated with the outcome in the latent variable? It is assumed that only that...
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    Bayes Estimator under quadratic loss function

    Let X,\theta be two random variables with a joint distribution, and \mu(\theta)=E[X|\theta]. Suppose we have n observations on X given \theta, with the further condition that the observations X_1,...,X_n|\theta are independent. Show that the Bayes estimator minimizing the quadratic loss function...