beta distribution

  1. Curious Jorge

    How to make my approach to Monte Carlo simulation and random sample generation more statistically robust?

    I´m building a MC simulation models in Excel VBA and R in parallel. Below is my current approach. Please let me know where the weaknesses lie. How could I make my approach more statistically robust without diverging too far from some simplicity? I am particularly concerned with (3) and (5)...
  2. M

    Beta distribution

    Hi, I want to have a distribution similar to U-shape beta distribution as the following: I want to make the distribution as : Any idea? Thanks
  3. S

    Mixed model Beta distribution fit diagnostics

    Hello, I have a split-plot design and I want to test the effect of 2 factors on the disease incidence (continuous proportion). I am using Beta dist. which is appropriate for these data (bounded within 0-1). The fit statistics look OK (Pearson Chi-square/DF close to 1) Fit Statistics for...
  4. M

    Appropriate statistical test for lesion distribution

    Hi, I have 2D image data of lesions in independent samples of diseased tissue. I would like to know whether the total lesion area is greater in one half compared to the other half of the tissue (call the halves A and B; they can be distinguished clearly). I identify lesions and calculate...
  5. consuli

    Transformation of a Uniform Distribution needed

    Hello, I have got a crazy distributed p4. (See file attachment). How can I transform a uniform distribution into the one of p4? Probit Transformation?
  6. P

    Appropriate hypothesis test for beta or fractional logistic distributions

    Hi! Thanks to previous suggestions I have determined that my bounded data sets are fit well by beta and/or fractional logistic distributions. I am wondering now, what the appropriate hypothesis tests would be for such distributions? I have been using Kruskall-Wallis and the Mann-Whitney/Wilcox...
  7. K

    mean and variance of a beta distribution

    I'm trying to do point (b) of exercise 3.30 of the book "Statistical Inference" (Casella & Berger). The exercise says: "Use the identities of Theorem 3.4.2. to (a) calculate the variance of a binomial random variable. (b) calculate the mean and variance of a beta(a,b) random variable."...
  8. S

    Beta Distribution

    When we are using Beta distribution, does the low values of alpha and beta have any effect on posterior and meant that the data weighed much more heavily in forming the posterior than did the prior? I have a test with these data: experiment 1: 30 success in 75 trials experiment 1: 60...
  9. S

    Sum of independent beta-Bernoulli random variables

    I'm looking for the distribution of the sum of independent beta-Bernoulli random variables, that is Bernoulli random variables with beta-distributed parameters, x_i ~ Bern(p_i) with p_i ~ beta(alpha,beta) (same alpha and beta, of course). I guess one can work with convolutions or characteristic...