binary dependent variable

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    Significance test for 13 dichotomous DVs?

    I am studying unprofessional conduct. I have every case of misconduct over a 5-year period. I am curious if misconduct varies by education level. As you can see, misconduct is broken into 13 mutually exclusive categories, with a binary coding scheme. Theoretically, all 13 charges could exist...
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    How to correctly combine two binary variables into one dependent variable?

    I want to create a combined death or stroke rate binary variable. For each row (patient data), I have data for death and stroke (yes/no) separately. How should I create the two variables into one dependent variable to use in multivariate logistic models? I worry that simply using the OR...
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    Pairwise logistic regression - which trait is the dependent trait?

    Hi All, Could someone explain the reasoning behind choosing the dependent trait in pairwise logistic regression of two categorical traits. My hypothesis does not explicitly state which trait is the IV as I just need the relationship between traits. To word this another way, I dont understand...
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    Two way ANOVA for binary dependent variable

    I am trying to find the effect of two categorical variables on a dichotomous variable. I am resampling the values in a cell and each time getting a proportion out of it. So now the new values in my cell will be proportions from different samples and so they will be normally distributed ( I am...
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    Reference to justify the use of bootstrap

    Dear all, My colleagues and I conducted a research involving a dichotomous outcome (i.e., the detection of an unexpected event in a particular scenery). We assigned participants randomly in one out of three condition. Our hypothesis is that one of this condition will increase the detection...
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    Linear Probability Model problem (Binary dependent variables)

    y i =a+bD i +u i ,i=1,…,n (LPM equation) Always thank you for your helps! I have a question about Linear Probability Model. You can see the model in the above equation. The y i is the dummy dependent variable which is 1 when the voter wants to vote for candidate A and 0 otherwise. Di is also...
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    Binary depedent variable in linear regression: need your helps!

    y i =a+bD i +u i ,i=1,…,n (regression equation) Always thank you for your helps! I have a question about binary dependent variables in regression. You can see the regression model in the above equation. The y i is the dummy dependent variable which is 1 when the voter wants to vote for...
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    Group Size for Binary Logistic Regression

    I am trying to determine the odds ratio for the effect of C on A. However, my is a sample of n = 45 with 4 = yes and 41 = no. Is this small group size a major issue, and how do test for power in this case? THANKS!
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    Probit Analysis

    Greetings, My dependent variable is a binary variable (Yes/No). I chose to do a *Probit* analysis, in STATA. Thus, I started by picking some ordered categorical variables from my dataset as my independent variables that I considered relevant. Then,I run the Probit regression including dummy...
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    How to test if the odds of success are significantly different from zero

    Hi all, Suppose I have a model below (in R): glmer(Y~X + (1|subject), family="binomial", data=dat) Where Y is the binary outcome variable and X is the sole predictor variable with 6 levels. The results of the regression test is below. The intercept is the log odds of success for the...
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    4 continuous IVs predicting a single binary DV

    Like the title says... I have 4 continuous IVs, whose combined effects (i.e. interactions possible) should predict a binary DV (possible values 1 and 0). What kind of model/tests should I use? Where can I get more info? Thanks