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    Normalizing Variance Value

    Dear all I have a set of data points as show in the above figure. The data points were then binned together such that there are enough data points in each bin. After binning, I determine the variance of each bin as shown in the color plot below where the color represent the variance value...
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    Determination of optimum bin size

    Dear all If I have a sparse data set and wanting to bin the data points such that there are enough data points in a bin, is there theories/journal which states statistically which is the best way to determine the best bin size? From the left figure showing the...
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    Dichotomizing continuous variables for an EXPERIMENT not a survey

    I am aware of the many issues/pitfalls with splitting continuous variables in survey research. Nothing I have read addresses whether doing so to create groups which will then be assigned to tx conditions in a field experiment is ok, or less bad. (or worse?) For example: Social Dominance and...
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    Group/bin/bucket data in R and get count per bucket and sum of values per bucket

    I wish to bucket/group/bin data : C1 C2 49488.01172 0.0512 268221.1563 0.0128 34775.96094 0.0128 13046.98047 0.07241 2121699.75 0.00453 71155.09375...
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    I'm stuck: How to 'bin' multiple binary variables and analyze within subject

    Hi, I have what feels like it should be a very easy analysis to work out, but I've been trying for hours and I can't figure it out. I'm using SPSS by the way. I have 10 different (different objects) binary response variables (yes/no) that I need to turn into two different groups for...
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    Data smoothing

    smoothing compararison
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    Categorical variables - Logistic regression

    Hello, I am trying to run a logistic regression model. I have 4 numeric and 1 categorical variable which are significant. The categorical variable has 8 levels. I want to bin this categorical variable into 3 levels based on the response. Can I do this? For ex. The new variable has 3 levels...