1. B

    How to test for group differences in questionnaire responses

    The original project involved giving different forms of instruction to three different groups. We also gave participants a questionnaire regarding previous knowledge of the subject, how many college courses they've taken, and how much they liked the instruction formats. Because of group...
  2. psychologies

    SPSS - Bivariate/multiple correlations: How to run a Bonferroni correction?

    Hello, I am new to the forum and have a question regarding running Bonferroni corrections with bibariate correlations within SPSS. To give a brief background to the project: I am developing a psychometric scale and in order to assess convergent validity, have obtained data from N=100+...
  3. A

    Bonferroni correction in GLMs

    I'm running a series of General Linear Models, attempting to explain factor x with 6 other factors; individually, all 2-way and all 3-way. Due to the large number of significances which I am trying to find is it neccessary to apply a Bonferroni correction to effectively decrease the p-value...