1. H

    find central tendency

    The following table presents frequency distribution of teachers of 1 year: Rank Frequency Professor 32511 Assoc Professor 28570 Asst Professor 59277 Instructor 14289 Others 3276 1)find mean, median and mode. 2)which is...
  2. T

    How to run a censored regression if the dependent variable is calculated based on censored data?

    Hello everyone, The situation is the following: I have a dataset with 200 assets. For each one, I have a unique price range that the asset can be priced in. The price range specifies an upper and a lower limit. The expected price (Pexpected) of the asset is the average of the upper and the...
  3. R

    R: Survival and censored data: how structure my input datasheet?

    Dear all, I would like to know how to organize the datasheet to import in R for survival analysis (Surv object, logrank test and Coxph). Let's consider an experiment with small animals. A cohort of 600 individuals is being followed-up every two days for 6 days (so I have data at day=0, 2, 4...
  4. M

    **Only for Poisson, Censored data, fitdistrplus*** the function mle failed to estimat

    Hello All, I am getting the following error and it only happens for interval censoring, It does not happen for left and right censoring, and it also does not happen for exp, norm, lnorm, weibull,... I have to say I do not have any idea, > max(z) [1] 39011 > min(z) [1] 1 > I am...
  5. M

    QQ plot for censored data (interval)

    Dear All, I am trying to fit my data to a distribution (say lognormal) in R with plotting QQ, and my data contains both right and left censoring. I highly appreciate that if you could provide me a sample, link, tutorial or anything. I also have access to SAS Educational. Best regards Mohsen
  6. B

    Data with > values

    Okay, so with the data set I currently have I would usually run a one way ANOVA with probably a Dunnets post hoc test to compare and find the statistical differences. I am encountering a problem in that with the experiment used there are a number of values which exceeded the maximal stimuli. For...
  7. kiton

    How to address the problem of "censorship" in star ratings?

    Hello dear forum members, I am conducting a study exploring the relationship between online review-based ratings (min 1, max 5) and doctors' performance, as proxied by new patient referrals (count outcome, min 15, max 3,650,000). There is theory and literature support for that relationship, so...
  8. C

    AMOS: Error modelling censored data ("no model has been specified")

    Hi all, This is my first experience with censored data in AMOS. I'm getting this set of messages when I try to make Bayesian estimation: Message 1: Error: no model has been specified Message 2: The value, 0,65, of the variable, var.1, can\t be interpreted Message 3: Bayesian estimation...
  9. K

    Regression when response variable has a upper maximum value

    I am working on an animal behavior project where I am investigating how a male frog's physical condition influences the time it takes him to resume singing after exposure to a simulated predator cue. Latency to resume calling is the response variable, and condition is my predictor variable...
  10. G

    Tobit model

    Hello, how does the Tobit model treat censored dependent variable data? I have a dataset with zeros that actually stand for non-zero but missing observations. Which is why I don't want them to be viewed as zeros. How does Tobit apply to this?
  11. D

    How to build a regression model of survival data ?

    I would like to predict the response variable using different predictors. So far I have been working with multiple linear regression. However as my data is censored I though that survival analysis might be worth to consider. Models which I have obtained so far using multiple linear regression...
  12. A

    GARCH fitting to binary data / latent data

    Dear all I am trying to fit a simple ARCH(1)/GARCH(1,1) model to a set of binary data, i.e. I assume a latent GARCH process that is only observed at the values a and b, say (whenever it crosses or hits those thresholds). I found some ideas on fitting a censored GARCH (by SX Wei, for example...