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    How can I make a chart with the percentages/values labelled?

    I have tried making graphs will graph-builder. For some bizarre reason cannot get the charts made up with he percentages/values labelled. I know it sounds simple but its not obvious to me. Would really appreciate any help. BW
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    Statpedia: Looking for feedback & help

    Hello, My team and I recently created an open project for people to create charts in a super easy way. I thought I would share it with this group for suggestions or how people like it. The project is, the new version was just released. We really want to create something...
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    Help required for making graph representation

    Dear fellows; I have to present large data set as a graph in poster. I have attached the datasheet as .xls. In the sheet I have queries column (Column A) which is 49 in number. Each query is classified to multiple classes (Column B) and then we have their p-values in column C. Notice that...
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    Visualization of Likert Data

    Hi, So I'm currently analysing my data on a survey I carried out based on attitudes towards cognitive enhancers. Attitudes were measured on a 6 point(Strongly Disagree-Strongly Agree) Likert scale based on statements (eg: Use of cognitive enhancers before and exam is cheating). Survey was...