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    Help with interpreting results of a bivariate probit regression please

    I have recently run this regression using Stata and the command biprobit. However, I am a complete newbie to statistics and I need some help interpreting the results. I am mostly confused by the Rho and Wald Chi2 results. A simple explanation would be much appreciated. I have attached a...
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    comparing results of 2 chi2 tests, + proper graphing

    Hello, i was wondering what the appropriate test would be for comparing the results of 2 chi square tests. For example, if I did one experiment (#1) where I determined if there was a significant difference in the ability of rats to detect the smell of an odour (odor 1) compared to a control...
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    Conversion of data from numerical to groups for Chi2 test in R Cmdr - PLEASE help

    Hi :) I need to make a chi2 test to see if the frequencies of specific genotypes are associated with BMI (body mass index). I believe that I need to perform a Chi2 test, where BMI is divided into groups (25-30 = overweight, 30< = obese). Is that true? My problem is that I don't know how to...