combining uncertainty

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    Combining standard deviation of percentages

    I have a sample set for which I've determined the percent inhibition (1 - test sample / control sample). There is error inherent with each sample set of 3 samples. I've been using the following formula to combine the error of these data: sqrt((test sample^2)+(control sample^2)) Is this...
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    Error for combining multiple binomial distributions

    Lets say we have two processes and we want to know which has a higher success rate. So we do two sets of trials. process 1 gives 53 out of 606 and process 2 gives 32 out of 595. So p1 is 0.0538 with a 95% CL of [0.0371,0.0751] p2 is 0.0875 with a 95% CL of [0.0662,0.1128] It would seem that p2...
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    Accounting for confidence intervals in determining a mean

    I have received some elemental analysis of a metal which I want to use to determine the effects of radiation. I want to report my results for the mean and 90% CL. The analysis only presents 8 data points for each element so I was planning on using the t distrobution as follows...