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    Create a dummy conditional on two other variables

    Hello there, I have data on European Union membership in the form of a dummy variable were eu_o = Origin is a member, eu_d=Destination is a member. I want to create another dummy variable that takes the value of 1 if both eu_o=eu_d=1. Is there a command to do this?
  2. R

    Binary outcome in instrumental variable analysis

    I'm looking to perform an instrumental variable analysis using the following variables: I. a continuous endogenous variable (exposure levels) II. a continuous instrument variable for (I.) III. two exogenous variables (one binary, one continuous) IV. a binary outcome (outcome y/n). However with...
  3. R

    Does Stata give up certain commands?

    Hello, I use Stata 12 by reading a book on Stata 11 and the Internet. I would like to use two commands: wincorr and grqreg. None of them works. Do you know how to do simply winsorising with Stata? More importantly, how to display graph of coefficients over quantiles, when you have done...
  4. M

    Problems with graphing dinamic correlation after"mgarch dcc"

    Problems with graphing Hi everybody, I have some problems after having done the command "mgarch dcc.." and "predict H*, variance". I need to estimate and then graph the correlation so I generate a new variable with the one I have from the garch model. (Es. I want correlation between stocks...
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    [Statistica] Command for percentile / bootstrap

    I am trying to get 0.05percentiles (median 095 CI) out of the bootstrap procedure in Statistica. I found the following command for median of my population: > Use file name > Sample boot(perm number,number of samples)/ median confi = 0.95 > Cstatistics variables Can anyone suggest what...