compare 2 means

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    2x2x3 Anova, what will it tell me?

    Hi - I would like to compare the means of a DV (emotional intelligence) between three different variables, those being; 1) Gender (are the emotional intelligence scores between males and females significantly different etc. etc.) 2) Group (again with two levels - one group with a disability...
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    Which analysis to choose? Urgent

    Hi, any help is greatly appreciated. I have data from the same children at ages 4, 7 and 11 for a variable (self-regulation) created from a questionnaire. The data for this variable is numbers from 1-4 (the mean of their scores from the questionnaire). I need to compare the differences...
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    What method is recommended, use contrast or t.test

    I have a set with 60 observations, in four groups t1,t2,m1,m2 each with 15 observations. If I want to compare t1,t2 to m1,m2 or t1,m1 to t2,m2 what I did was to create a new variable so I can group the observations in 2 groups t and m and on the second iteration groups 1 and 2 then I just used a...
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    Are my means significantly different? (2 sample, non parametric required)

    Hi guys! I have a data set with 2 conditions (not before/after style) and a value for each individual. I need to know if the means of the 2 conditions are significantly different or not. The data are not normal and the size of the 2 groups differ... Please guide me =) THANKS