competing risk hazard

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    competing risk analysis in SAS

    Hi, our data is a like this: ............... surgery_date is the start point. I want to use cox regression to predict the time to readmission, death is a competing risk. so I created a variable competing_outcome: 0=no death and no readmission, 1=readmission, 2=no readmission but dead so...
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    Which competing risks survival analysis to choose

    Hi guys and girls, First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully provide me with an answer. Context: I'm an MD, currently in my third year of my PhD in adult oncology. I'm doing a study regarding treatment-related mortality. In this study, we have roughly 2000 patients...
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    competing risk model how to compare hazard ratio for both competing events

    I have defined two competing events (I=1,2; 1 is interested event, while 2 is the competing event) and the "event free" status. Using stcrreg in stata gives me SHR for a set of covariates, which tells me how the x variables will affect the probability of interested event (precluding possible...