1. shannahw

    Use OR conditional statement using the MISSING function (SPSS)

    I want to use an OR conditional statement using the MISSING function in SPSS (see below), but it doesn't work like this. Anyone knows how I can code this correctly? COMPUTE inclOndrzGeweig=1. IF (MISSING(geslacht | Leeftijd | RSES1_T0 | RSES2_T0 | RSES3_T0 | RSES4_T0 | RSES5_T0 | RSES6_T0 |...
  2. I

    Compute Likert-Scale Measures

    Hello all, My supervisor provided me with a dataset of which I am computing the variables. In the questionnaire, items were provided with a 7-point Likert-scale (1 = fully disagree; 7 = fully agree). In my data set, all DV value-labels are set up as below. However, the value labels seem strange...
  3. E

    How to create 1 (continuous) variable by using two (continuous) variables (and ignore the missing) in SPSS?

    Hi there, I am currently busy with my master thesis and I have the following question. I want to create a variable called applicant credential (appl_credent), by combining the following two variables: western applicant credential and nonwestern applicant credential. a participant either has a...
  4. V

    creating a composite variable?

    I am a student doing my master's thesis and I have a question regarding my study. I am working with country data for 25 countries and I am looking into cultural values, attitudes and sociodemographics as predictors of environmental behavior. For the dependent variable environmental behavior I...
  5. L

    normalization of distribution of an interval variable with non normal distribution

    hi , when an interval variable has not normal distribution , can we always be able to use the compute command in spss for transforming this variable by LG10 or SQRT for normalization of distribution ? thanks for your help
  6. W

    Compute variable drawn from empirical distribution

    I am trying to compute a variable whereby I replace a value (9) in an ordinal variable with a randomly generated value drawn from an empirical distribution while keeping the other values (1-4) the same as the original variable. I can accomplish this in SPSS if a theoretical distribution...
  7. N

    Need help to correct minimum and maximum error Please

    I am using scales to test my constructs for example product category involvement and the scale is made up of 11 items ( measure using 5 point likert scale1=totally agree, 5 totally disagree) and I want to compute them into a new variable by adding all of the scores from each of the 11 items...
  8. S

    syntax help with complex variable "recoding"?

    I am new to using syntax in spss, and am having difficulty with the following: -I have a variable ("SES") that I would like to define by multiplying 2 other variables (out of 4 possible), but I would like to "choose" which 2 to use based on which is a larger number. I tried the following...