conditional probabilities

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    Please tell if this is correct

    There are error in programs which have two parts Part A and Part B. P(error in A) = 0.13 P(error in B) = 0.38 P(program crash when error in A) = 0.6 P(program crash when error in B) = 0.692 P(prog crash when an error in both A and B) = 0.79 Q1)Your program crashed. Find P(error in both...
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    Generalization of urn problem

    While simple urn problems - given x green and y black balls, whats the probability if we take 6 that 2 will be black etc. are easily solvable with hypergeometric and binomial distribution. Is there a distribution that solves it a general case for example: Given 1000 blue, 1200 green, 2000 red...
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    conditional probability

    Hello, I have a list of products and for each product corresponds an RCA index as shown in the attached table. I would like to calculate for both products i and j the following conditional probability: Pr[RCA(i)>= 1 | RCA(j)>= 1 ] But I have not found a statistical method to calculate this...
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    bayes's theorem and conditional probability question

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    2D Conditional Probability

    Question X, Y are two independent random variables with cumulative distribution functions: F_X(x) = {0, x<0; x/3, 0<x<3; 1, x > 3} F_Y(y) = {0, y<0; y^2/16, 0<y<4; 1, y>4} Find P(X<2, Y<1| X<1, Y<3) Rationale I figured that P(X<2|X<1) = 1 because if X<1, then it follows that X<2. But I am...
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    Conditional Probability Help.

    Helloooo Statisticians! I have a question that I believe I can solve but somehow I'm not getting the correct answer. So I'd really appreciate if anyone can point out my mistake for me. The question is: The grades of 1st year students were analysed. 70% of the top one quarter of the 1st year...
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    Probability: Conditional Vs. Joint Issue

    Hi all, Brand new to this site. I've read the posting rules, but please feel free to herd me into the correct way of doing things with this community. I am dealing with this problem below. If you can see where my thinking is going awry, feel free to talk to me like a little kid. I...
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    conditional probability and trial of experiments

    Consider a medical test for a disease, D. The test mostly gives the right answer, but not always. Say its false-negative rate is 1% and its false-positive rate is 2%, that is, P(y | D) = 0.99; P(n | D) = 0.01; P(y | ¬D) = 0.02; P(n | ¬D) = 0.98. Assume that you perform the test 4 times in a...
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    creating conditional probability distribution

    I have a system which visits two locations and collects signals every 10 seconds. It is well known that A causes B to occur but not all the time. So, I am trying to find a conditional probability distribution of B given A. The data looks like following: A B ----------...
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    Conditional Probability

    I am trying to create a matrix of the conditional probabilities from this: Signal <- runif(100) PercChange <- abs((rnorm(100)/100)) signalt <- seq(0, 1, 0.05) abst <- seq(0, c(0.02:1), 0.0025) CondDistMat <- matrix(0, nrow = length(signalt), ncol = length(abst)) for(j in...
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    Markov Chain probabilities

    I have an example that is solved on one of the pages of wikipedia related to markov chains. I want to know how the probabilities (in bold) are calculated (please show the steps/formulas) Example: Another example is the dietary habits of a creature who eats only grapes, cheese or lettuce...