confirmatory factor analysis

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    Factor loadings > 1 in CFA with lavaan

    Hi folks, What are potential causes for factor loadings > 1 in CFA with lavaan? I'm using standardized loadings ( Is this generally concerning? Thanks
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    Testing hypothesis of difference in factor loadings across multiple scales in two questionnaires

    I'm unsure of how to test this hypothesis and would greatly appreciate your ideas: For illustrative purposes, let's assume that two groups of people (experts vs. novices) author a questionnaire with five scales (scale1 to scale5). Let's further assume that I have reason to hypothesize that when...
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    Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Hello. I'm developing an instrument with 27 items and I need to conduct Exploratory Factor Analysis and later, Confirmatory Factor Analysis. A sample of 26 participants (data collection interrupted by Covid-19...) answered the 27 items. A sample of 342 participants answered the 27 items and...