correlation coefficient

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    Multiple Regression: How to obtain VIF values from correlation coefficient

    I understand that VIF = 1 / (1-R^2) If I only have the parameter estimates table with the intercept, X1, and X2 and also the correlation coefficient between X1 and X2, how can I calculate VIF for X1 and X2?
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    significant nonlinear curve

    Hello, For linear regression we have R² that help as to know if x and y are correleted, and p-value if my correlation is significant. How can I know for nonlinear equations? I'm forking with R, nls() function Thanks Tania
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    Pearson r and Data

    I am trying to determine the relationship of scores on a test between teachers and their students. I have 40 classes for a total of 40 teachers and 335 students. For example, Teacher (Bob) scored a 70 out of 100 and his 24 students scored an average of 60; Teacher (Susie) scored an 83 and her 27...