correlation regression

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    To assess meaningfulness between an independent variable and a dependent one, is just the p value alone adequate and/or the correlation?

    To decide whether there is a probable meaningful relationship between dependent/independent variables, is it best to use just the t test (at, say, 5%; anything less than this meaning it is unlikely for the relationship to happen by chance and so is probably meaningful); or look at the variance...
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    Correlation Project

    How does this sound for a project? Cost of non-organic food products vs. cost of same organic food products. What items should be included in the project aside from where, when, how was data collected, value of r, regression equation, scatterplot?
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    Correlated Data Analysis

    2 down vote favorite I am working on yield of fisheries in three different pools. The yield output was measured in terms of their length gain and weight gain. The other variables considered are length of stay, outer temperature, pool temperature, PH level of water, etc. In this case I...
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    How are the correlation coefficient and regression line coefficients related?

    For a given r value, say r=0.8: for the regression line equation y=mx+b a) given the value of the slope (m) in the regression line, can the y-intercept (b) be calculated? b) given the value of the y-intercept (b) in the regression line, can the slope (m) be calculated?