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    measuring correlation over time between two variables

    Hi, For my study, I will administer the same questionnaire 3 different times: the beginning, middle, and the end of the semester. I am interested in examining the correlation among several variables, let's say student engagement and teacher support. For each questionnaire, I can do...
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    ANOVA for a correlational study?

    Hi, I have a rather simple question. Can an ANOVA test be used for a correlational study? I'm looking to examine the differences in the injury rate for three difference cities to determine if there is any significance in the injury rate and location. Thanks for the help!
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    Correlation significance with HAC Standard errors

    I have a problem regarding the correlation between two series of data. The data is not normally distributed and I therefore need to use Newey-West corrected standard errors. My problem lies in finding out how this can be done. I have two datasets Y=y1,y2,....,yT and X=x1,x2,...,xT and...
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    Correct approach to assessing correlation btn events in time domain?

    Hi Folks Firstly apologies if i have posted this in the wrong section - please feel free to advise or move as appropriate, and also apologies if I'm using the wrong terminology here and there - hope you can grasp what i'm talking about anyway! I am doing some research comparing low frequency...
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    Can AMOS work with data composed of probabilities rather than correlations?

    Hello everyone, My question is a bit unusual, since it is not about the program itself, but regarding the data. I have a matrix representing (reverse) distance between each pair of objects. In SEM, we usually work with correlations. A higher correlation represents variables that are closer...
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    What type of test to use? (Averages of averages?)

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to decide what would be the best test to use. I have a survey made up of 40 items. Each item was a word for a profession, and participants were asked to rate how well they thought of them, from 1 to 5. Half of were new and half were old professions. I also asked if...
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    EFA: Factor Correlation Matrix Interpretation

    Hello, I recently ponder about the way to interpret the factor correlation matrix in an EFA (e.g. delivered in SPSS output). I realized that, despite the factor correlation matrix showing a negative correlation between two factors, these two factors may be positively related when I just...
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    Correlation Help!!

    At a recent scotch-tasting party, 5 faculty members and their (opposite sex) spouses were guzzling it back pretty well. One person quite correctly noticed that the men seemed to be drinking more than the women. If the mean number of drinks had by the men was 7, and that for the women was 5, and...
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    Meta Analysis - Correlation Coefficients with only M and SD

    Hi Folks, I'm am currently assisting on a Meta-Analysis and we are currently faced with correlating variables without the raw scores. The question has 2 parts, however I feel like the answer to one will likely relate to the other. I want to know how to calculate the correlation coefficient...
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    Confidence Intervals for r: Why must we standardize?

    Hello! I know we are supposed to convert our r-values to z-values (and standard error) in order to calculate confidence intervals. I am a bit confused why we must do this. The sampling distribution for Pearson's r is a t-distribution and we use a t-crit in confidence intervals when our N...
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    Correlational statistics such as pearson product moment and regression analysis

    Reading through previous threads I fear my question will sound very basic in comparison! I am currently researching the appropriate statistical tools for my upcoming dissertation. I am basically looking at the relationship between two variables using two surveys. I understand the whole concept...
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    Bonferroni correction for bivariate correlation

    Hi all, First of all my level of stats knowledge is fairly basic! I am currently running multiple bivariate correlations on data from a number of self report questionnaires. This has resulted in many significant correlations, and my supervisor has suggested I use the Bonferroni correction to...
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    Trying to find the correlation for 2 variable when controlling for 2 other variables

    I summed up some of the info we are already provided: N=50 Having job and exam performance--- r= -.3 Having job and and Studying--- r= -.4 Studying and exam scores--- r= .70 We are suppose to calculate the correlation between having a job and exam scores while controlling for the...
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    Correlation of Spatial Data

    Hi, I have 2 data sets X1 and X2. Both data sets contain various entries of geo spatial data (latitude and longitude). X1=[lat1,lon1; lat2,lon2; lat3,lon3; ....] X2 is just like X1 but different values. X1 and X2 are different in length. Now I need to find the spatial correlation...
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    How to Compare three Data Series Collected by different means?

    I need to compare three different data series. The subject of the data is the same, but the collection method is different. My initial approach was to only compare two of the series at a time, using Kendall's correlation coefficient. I chose this because it seemed like the best method to...
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    Subject responses in multiple period experiment

    Hello Everybody, In an experiment, players play a game for 30 rounds. In each round, they choose either good A or good B. In various treatments, the incentives are changed in some way. I am interested in studying the difference in frequency of choosing good A in a control vs a treatment...
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    Correlation Between Unpaired Data?

    What type of statistics compares or finds correlation of unpaired data? I'm assuming an XY scatter plot wouldn't work. I'm also assuming a t-test or Krus Wallis would be more appropriate? For example: Group A: 1, 3, 5, 1, 4. (n=5) and Group B: 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 5, 6. (n=7). Total number of samples...
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    Urgently need help with data analysis

    Hey folks, i really am desperate for help with this, since I have to present my results at a conference in less than two weeks. I am a statistics-noob undergraduate psychoglogy-student, so please go easy on me. Research and Variables I want to examine the correlative relationship between a...
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    How to correlate groups of cases unified by non-numeric variables?

    Hi. I am struggling to correlate "nations" of respondents in a multi-country study, and I can't figure out what the best way is, in SPSS or in any software for that matter. As the "nationality" is an alphanumeric field (and I want to correlate based on many other fields that are...
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    What correlation should I run?

    I have two data sets from identical ordinal scales (Never, Rarely, Occasionally, Often, Very Often). What correlation should I run?