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    Comparing ln(y) =bX vs. OLS and other count data models

    My data is a balanced panel. 12 years X 600 ids/year X 12 months = 864,000 observations. For about 150 of my 600 ids, at a certain point in this 12 year period a treatment is applied switching them to the "treated" or "on" state. A dummy variable AFTER indicates when this is true. My...
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    Model Cross-Validation Issue: Comparing models w/ and w/o error

    Hi folks: I'm trying to apply cross-validation of models (e.g. the paper "On Cross-Validation of Bayesian Models" by Alqallaf and Gustafson) in the context of count data and have run into an interesting problem. My understanding of how such cross-validation should work is that one draws...
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    Alternatives to Poisson regression for overdispersed count data

    Hi all, I'm currently analyzing data from a series of behavioral experiments that all use the following measure. The participants in this experiment are asked to select clues that (fictitious) other people could use to help solve a series of 10 anagrams. The participants are led to believe...
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    Can you use a mixed effects model if your explanatory variable is count data?

    I'm trying to look at the effect 'density' (count data) has on 'colour' (continuous data), and would like to include 'transect' (categorical) as a random effect. In all the explanations and examples I've found the explanatory variable is categorical - is it simply not acceptable to run a...
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    Is count data for parametric analysis or non-parametric analysis?

    Hi, In our paradigm, animals are presented with an stimulus and we count the number of calls they make. I believe the number of calls is discrete variable and count data. When we do an anlayis on these data, do we do parametric analysis or non-parametric analysis? For example, we...
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    Cluster analysis in SPSS

    Hi, I have 2 questions about conducting a cluster analysis in SPSS. 25 animals were tested by being presented with 2 different stimuli. They make 3 types of calls but the number of each type of call differ by the type of stimuli presented. For instance, for call1, call2 and call3...
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    Appropriate regression for dependent count data and independent "not count data"

    Hello, My independent data are continuous variables. My dependent variable is count data. I want to use regression to look for a relationship. Generally speaking, what is/are appropriate regression(s) for this situation? Thank you kindly, Mike
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    Should I transform my response data (count data)? Impact on subsequent analyses?

    Hello, My response variables are derived from count data. I have the biennial winter population counts of a hibernating mammalian species (sites / n =226). My predictor variables are from two time steps (i.e. 1992 and 2001). I created my response variables from the following to correspond...
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    GzLM for counts or ?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to run an appropriate comparison for clutch sizes of birds. Ultimately, I want to compare clutch size of the same species between 2 sites with 2 levels (good, poor). First I need to sort out if there were differences among years in each site to be able...
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    Time series or just repeated measures?

    Hi All, I have data on 7 clusters (ie, sites). The date are monthly counts (there is no zero inflation in most of the outcomes of interest...most clusters have a count in the 10s-100s for each month) , from Jan 2004 to May 2010, however only one cluster has data before March 2006. By...