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    Need help with syntax for count if function

    Dear all, could you please help me to write a syntax for following task: I have several occasions happening at certain dates, I need to calculate total number of cases that have happen before some deadline. client, deadline, letter1, letter2, letter3, letter4...
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    Syntax Raw Score and Missing Values

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the raw score of a 76 item, 4 point likert scale questionnaire. First, a subscore has to be calculated, for example, DATASET ACTIVATE DataSet1. COMPUTE NewVar=SS_49AT3 + SS_52AT3 + SS_56AT3 + SS_59AT3 + SS_63AT3. EXECUTE. However, from here I need to know...
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    Count values of a variable based on another variable

    How can I count the number os Grantees that have used the ipad to collect participants information. In this case, 2 grantees CA0083 and CA0214 used the ipad. My variables are agency, datamode (excel, ipad and scan). This is a clinet level dataset. DataMode Agency EXCEL IPAD SCAN Total...