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    Design of experiment with multiple nuisance factors including time

    this is the case, goal : perform an experiment with 4 treatments. wish to run each treatment once in the morning, between 9:00 and 12:00. and once in the afternoon, between 1:00 and 4:00. all four treatments in the morning followed by all four treatments in the afternoon. and perform the test...
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    Statistical Tool for Agricultural Research (STAR) - An easy user-interface program

    Hi everyone! ‍‍:) I made stat vid tutorials. Visit my channel and kindly leave a SUBSCRIPTION. :D Installation is FREE AND EASY!!!! (included in my channel) Click the following link: Statistical Tool for Agricultural...
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    Factorial experiment in CRD with unequal replications

    Hi guys, i am a graduate student in statistics. i want to test for the main and interaction effect of 3 treatments on a group of patients. let say i have treatments A, B and C. each with 2 levels, presence and absence. So i decided to perform a 2^3 factorial Experiment in a Completely...