critical value

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    T Test word problem! HELP

    im going crazy trying to figure out this problem; please help! 2. Assume that we drew a random sample of 300 women who had recently graduated from USC. All of these women worked full time in 2018. They earned an average salary of $42,167 (s.d. = $26,413). Based on data from the US Census...
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    Critical values problem

    Hi! I'm a complete newbie in the stats game, and I'm stuck on a problem in my book. It seems rather basic to me - so I hesitate to move on before understanding how to solve it. Would highly appreciate if someone could help me out with this by explaining the approach I should take. The problem...
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    Estimating probability of critical value

    Hello everyone, Once we get a critical value (for example 4.5) how can we estimate the probability of having a value higher than 4.5 if the probability distribution is not normally distributed? I leave in attachment a picture of the histogram that I get. Thank you very much for all the...
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    critical value X 2r

    Find the critical value X 2R corresponding to a sample size of 19 and a confidence level of 99% if the test is two-tailed. I am lost on how to begin. Any help is appreciated.
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    Can someone help me with finding the P-Values for these problems?

    I have a test tomorrow and am not understanding this section very well. I need help on two problems if someone can explain how to do them! Pleaseeee! I have the answers but i want to understand HOW to do them. Obviously i don't expect anyone to do both problems for me. I know that's asking a...
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    Critical Value (T-Statistic Question)

    Hey everyone, I have gathered some data for a school project and I am calculating the various ways to express the data. I have come to the point where I should represent the t-statistics, but I am having some trouble with the critical value portion. I have already done the one sample t-test...
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    Kolmogorov-Smirnov Two Sample test statistic confusion

    Hi, What is the test statistic for the Kolmogorov Smirnov Two sample test for testing whether two distributions are the same. I have been using the Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures, but I have also found online a conflicting option for the test statistic: 1)...
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    Statistics- Find Critical Value(s); Bell-Shaped Curve

    Given problem- Find the critical value (or values) for the following and illustrate each using the Bell-Shaped Curve: Numerous example such as- a = alpha 1) a = 0.05, two-tailed test 2) a = 0.01, left-tailed test 3) a = 0.005, right-tailed test Where I'm stuck- I believe the solution...