custom tables

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    SPSS custom tables query

    Hi I am trying to create a custom table in SPSS which has both the count of a variable and the percentage of a variable in the same column. For example, for one row the column should display 850 (89.8) where 850 is the count and 89.9 is the percentage. Does anyone know if this is possible...
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    Column proportion (z-test) is equal to 0 or 1

    I use SPSS custom tables and column proportions (z-test). This is in the output if the column proportion is equal to 0 or 1, "This category is not used in comparisons because its column proportion is equal to zero or one". This happens when 0% or 100% of respondents select an option. When...
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    Saving Custom Tables in SPSS

    I am working with a very large survey data set in SPSS. I would like to create custom tables using certain questions as columns and then every other question as a row, e.x. columns would be Male and Female so that I can see how differently they responded to each question. I would like to be...