customer analytics

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    How to segment customers by demographic data to maximize profit?

    I have a data set with profit for each customer (in some cases it is negative) as well as various demographic categorical variables (gender, age brackets, income brackets, type of education etc.). How can I find which segments were most profitable?
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    Bayesian Hierarchical Customer Spend Model

    Hi guys, I am trying to set up a Bayesian Hierarchical model for customer spending, and was hoping to clarify a couple of things. I want to look at the returns on investment amongst people who buy our products for a particular marketing initiative. So what we have is: - A general customer base...
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    Case studies for loyalty management (insight extraction)

    Hi all, I have just been called for an interview with a loyalty management company. I have been told that my data mining skills will be assessed using case studies. Given that this will be my first job if I succeed and so I am not entirely familiar with all the problems affecting real...