data analysis

  1. T

    Research Problem (Hypothesis and Data Analysis)

    I am conducting a research on the influence of school administrators on teachers’ retention. I have collected data on this with likert-scaled (5 point 0-4) questionnaire from about 107 respondents. The two hypotheses for this research are: 1. There is no significant influence of school...
  2. B

    Complex study data analysis

    Good afternoon, I have a long-running experiment on music and emotion for my Ph.D. research. Big picture—there have been nine total ‘versions’ (instantiations of the experiment). There 5 different ‘designs’ that we ran in Dublin, Ireland. The fifth design is then what we’ve also run in New...
  3. I

    How to determine number of data points and period of data to determine confidence?

    Dear Statisticians I have done some experiments, with continuously data acquisition, on shrinkage measurements over time. My data shows exponential regression curves. Based on the data I want to estimate how many data points and at what time the data should be gathered, to obtain a certainty...
  4. D

    Help choosing a statistical method for data analysis

    Hi everyone! I am working on a hypothetical research proposal for a sensation and perception class and I need help with the data analysis section of the paper. My hypothesis it that people who have been blind for longer than five years have better tactile acuity than those who have been blind...
  5. S

    4 variables, 2 surveys.. how to link? please help!

    hi :wave: i have 2 surveys. The data is collected from both managers and subordinates, the first one has just one variable (moderator) and the 2nd has 3 variables (mediator, independent variable and dependent variable ) i have 1 independent variable , 1 moderator, 1 mediator and 1 outcome...
  6. B

    Question about histogram construction

    Hello. I know this may be an obvious answer, but my instructor has given me this question Part I. The following twenty data are the yields of the weight (pounds) gained each month per person. 7.0 4.0 3.4 5.1 6.8 4.4 6.6 5.6 4.6 3.6 4.8 5.6 7.4 5.0 5.0 5.8 3.8 6.3 5.6 5.6 Construct a...
  7. N

    Intraclass Correlation Coefficient Types

    I have two datasets in which I probably need to use the intraclass correlation coefficient, and I want to make sure I choose the right type. Dataset 1: I had 20 randomly selected human subjects rate 50 faces based on their attractiveness on an ordinal scale from 1-5. Each subject rated the...
  8. rogojel

    Multi- and Megavariate Data Analysis -

    hi, I am thinking about buying this book: I got the first chapters on Kindle and it looks really interesting but it...
  9. G

    Stores and ordered rank of products

    I have data about popularity of some products in some stores. For each of the stores I have only a ordered rank of best-selling products in them. I need help how to find information about which products are popular only in certain stores versus products that are popular in all stores.
  10. R

    What are some data mining techniques for analyzing cause of disease

    I have a dataset of 300 observations, of which 200 are normal, and the rest have the disease. I have the cognitive assessment scores of these 300 participants, and the assessment is divided into different sections: delusions, depression, anxiety, etc. I'm wondering what technique(s) would be...
  11. P

    interpreting ModMed results

    Can we interpret ModMed results if our indirect effect is significant (Class Intervals don't include zero) but our interactions are not significant (CI includes zero)? Please may you guide me to an article which I can quote w.r.t your response? Thanks in advance!
  12. P

    Interpreting Mediation results

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding interpretation of my results for Mediation using Hayes' Process macro. The key point for finding significance is to see that the Class Interval does not include zero. However, in my mediation model, although the indirect effect CI doesn't include zero...
  13. M

    Help with non normality distribution. Transformations didn't work. Help!

    Hi, new to this forum. I'm writing up my MsC in psychology and I've got problems with my data. The study involved administering questionnaires to 157 young carers. The dependent variables I've got are: emotional symptoms, peer problems, prosocial behaviour, hyperactivity, difficulties...
  14. F

    Seeking Stats/Maths Experts for Help Determining Possible Analysis of Complex Data

    Dear all, I have recently started a new job and have taken on a large and complex data set. I do not think meaningful analysis is possible, but I am hopeful that I am wrong. I am seeking answers to two questions; 1. Have I correctly calculated the possible combinations of answers & if so...
  15. M

    Time series analysis with external events in R

    I have a time series of daily website visitors and several different marketing events (some continuous for several days). I would like to determine what impact did those marketing events have on website visitors dynamics. What approach would you suggest in terms of analysis ? I'm working with R...
  16. N

    Need data analysis direction.

    I’m a grad student (clinical psychology) and research neophyte and need some direction. Once I gain statistical ground I would be more than happy to help others. Even though this is a mixed-methods study, I just need quantitative help. My focus is on perpetrators who harass the same victim...
  17. I

    Case studies for loyalty management (insight extraction)

    Hi all, I have just been called for an interview with a loyalty management company. I have been told that my data mining skills will be assessed using case studies. Given that this will be my first job if I succeed and so I am not entirely familiar with all the problems affecting real...
  18. J

    dendrogram graph - how many clusters would you pick in this with reasons why?

    Hi having a little problem with this question which i need to learn for my test coming up.. i have produced a dendrogram (on sas enterprise) which consists of 77 countrys with various information. I need to discuss the graph and explain how many clusters i would pick and why? (its more...
  19. K

    Scatterplot relationship issue.

    Hi, the data below is just a sample of the data I am trying to enter into a scatterplot. The issue is that a previous correlation test shows a p value of 0.011, a clear relationship. However, when I took the averages of 196 entries of the data below, the scatterplot shows little...
  20. A

    Question about what test to run when comparing groups.

    I am doing a research study on the effects of study methods on exam performance. I have already administered a survey and collected data from students asking them what study method they plan to use on an upcoming exam (highlighting, re-reading, or self-testing). All students were required to...