data envelopment analysis

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    Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) or Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

    I'm trying to analyze bank efficiencies and come across two of the most used method of efficiencies measurement. I've studied many published papers on SFA and find some simplicity of the data that have to be used to run the method on statistical software. I wonder if anyone could enlighten me on...
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    R programming - (nonparaeff) package, direc.dea - Help specifying >1 input

    Hello, i am trying to model firm frontier efficiency using the nonparaeff package in R for the ''directional distance function- direc.dea). The instruction manual in HELP provides a simple example: ## Simple Example of one input, one good output, and one bad output. my.dat <- data.frame(yg =...
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    weight construction in DEA analysis

    Hi, I hava a problem with weight construction in Data envelopment analysis. My goal is to construct weights that reflects the reality of my data. In un-weighted DEA, the results could be that one or more variables (either input- or output) are neglected for any DMU which is not realistic in...