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    How to take out data set from r-package?

    It is known that r-packages can contain data set. How (in the general case) take out this data set (to open in Excel)? If possible, please explain clearly for the beginner :). P.S. As an example, one can take data set flchain available in the survival package. Thanks! (Win 7)
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    trend or forecast

    I have done some research related to computer users and files generating pattern on PC. I collected data from PC where I have information when (date) , time, size of file, user, and file name. What I want to do is to divide this data into two groups, with first data set I want to find pattern...
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    How to merge two data sets with varying date intervals?

    I'm sure this problem isn't unique. I have two sets of data, both $ values and I want to add them together and plot them on a chart. The problem is that one data set is quarterly and the other is daily but I want to display the resulting set (the addition of the two data sets) in weekly or...
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    comparing two sets of data

    hi, i want to check whether the two samples can be drawn from the same distribution. can i do it with chi-square test? what are the assumptions i need for it? if i can't use chi square test - what can i do? notes about the data sets: - discrete - mostly increasing (in particular - not...
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    SPSS wont analyze all cases in sample despite no filter being applied

    Hey, I have a large number of cases (about 3000) in my data set as well as a bunch of variables. Now when I run analyses (e.g. descriptive stats) I always get results for only approx. 2500 of them (the results also always yield 2500 valid cases and 0 invalid cases). Even when I run a...