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    Interpretation of my results (Significance varies a lot)

    Hi, I have a problem with the interpretation of my results from a multiple linear regression. I want to evaluate the impact of a policy change (X) on an economic indicator (Y) and have included various covariates in the regression (6). The policy change occurred in 2015 and I have data from...
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    3 Independent and 3 Dependent Variables

    Hello everyone, I have to find single data set which including at least 3 independent and 3 dependent variables. I do not know if it is possible. Is there any good website for this?
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    We did an experiment and don't know how to start/proceed with statistics?

    We had to do an experiment in my research methods class. Me and my group did an experiment where we tested if participants remembered words better with or without pictures that match the words. So now we have two sets of data: One set with the number of words they remembered and one set with the...