1. M

    Running time-series regressions on discontinuous datasets: is it legitimate?

    I would like to run a simple time-series regression, to estimate the sensitivity of my dependent variable to a set of explanatory variables. However, the dataset could be subdivided into subsets that fall under specific categories. For example, a time-series of stock returns could be subdivided...
  2. L

    SPSS test for analysing likert scale data and categorical data

    Hello :) I have recently begun analysing some data that had to be collected in a certain way, where participants had to give ratings for a set of images and then had to categorise the image. I have collected and input data from a survey of two parts 1) a response scale (1-7) like a likert...
  3. B

    How to start on data analisys

    Hey, i am new here and i would like get some advices to start on data analisys field. I study computing engineer and i work as programmer. For my work i have access to big amount of data that i would like analize. Any tutorial for first steps? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english
  4. O

    Help! How do you make a choropleth in R!

    So I have a data set with the number of violent crimes known to police in various counties in Ohio since 1990 (the file is attached). Making the dataset (from now on, I'll refer to it as OH) readable in R was enough of a task for me and now figuring out how to make a choropleth is making me...
  5. S

    Analysing relationships between numerical data and non- numerical data.

    Hi all, new user here hoping to become part of the community, I have recently purchased a book reccommended to me - Discovering statistics using SPSS (Field, 2013) with a view to knuckling down on statistical analysis of my data that i have collected for a Master's project. I have various...
  6. Y

    Winsorization using SPSS

    Hello everyone! =) I have to winsorize my data (replace outliers with the next highest/lowest score that is not an outlier). I have been searching the web for a week already, but could not find any explicit information about how to do it in spss. Does anyone have an idea how to apply...
  7. L

    Removing interaction effect on 2-way ANOVA?

    Hello, I've run a 2 way ANOVA of my research results and got these 3 p-values: A=0.001, B=0.069, and A*B=0.167. My professor now wants me to remove the interaction effect from my analysis. Does anyone know how I can do this? In the program I am using (SigmaPlot), there is no option for removing...
  8. C

    Time Series Data- Fish Diet

    My time series spans 13 years. There are 30-60 fish stomachs for each year of the study. Each stomach has typically 3-8 prey items inside. The prey items within the stomachs are the point of interest in this study. I have a plethora of independent variables measured from the capture of all...
  9. V

    Data analysis (with R)

    I'm taking a data analysis course with R and in my assignment I am asked how variables A, B and C are associated with X. My answer should include descriptive statistics and analyses (group comparisons and/or association tests). It is not completely clear to me which test I should run. So far...
  10. L

    iPhone sensor data mining to predict events

    I'm working on a concept for a mobile device programming class. I have no clue whether or not it will work. Basically my plan is to mine all of the sensor data I can (magnetometer, gyroscope, noise level, etc) during different types of events. These might things like walking, at work, driving to...
  11. Y

    Remove entries containing a specific character

    I'm a bit of an R newb, and this is my first post on these forums, so sorry if the answer to this question is obvious! Say this is my data frame: mydata <- structure(list(names = structure(c(1L, 5L, 2L, 3L, 4L), .Label = c("bob", "", "emily", "", "joe"), class...
  12. M

    Analyzing Gentrification with Data

    Hello, I am developing a masters thesis which will attempt to utilize census tract data to assess the occurrence of gentrification in Washington, D.C. Given the quantified change by census tract between 2000 and 2010 for several different variables indicative of gentrification (demographic...
  13. H

    Book on computational data analytics and applications of data analytics

    hi, I'm looking for good books or papers or articles for understanding : 1. Computational Techniques for Large-Scale Data Analysis this covers mining, cluster analysis, association analytics, MapReduce, Hadoop; out-of-core, online, sampling-based, and approximate learning algorithms...
  14. J

    How to Determine if 2 variables are dependent?

    I'm trying to figure out whether or not citation flow and trust flow are independent of each other (here is the article containing the data: Is there a certain test or method that can...
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    manifold data/ cluster data

    what is the difference between manifold data/ cluster data??
  16. A

    Using PSPP to convert .SAV dataset into SAS data format

    Hello I am trying to convert an SPSS .SAV dataset into a SAS dataset using PSPP. Could someone please let me know if this is possible. We use a survey software that exports data in SPSS .SAV format. We use SAS for our analysis so have to convert the SPSS dataset into SAS. Usually this...
  17. O

    Problem with allocating data

    Hello, Im currently writing my bachelor thesis in statistical finance and i have run into a small problem. I want to evaluate forcasts from my GARCH with realized intraday volatility. The intraday data is Tick-data over a certain period. The date column is presented as for example 2011-11-01...
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    Likert scale - Grouped likert scale results, are they significant?

    Hi, it's my first post on here, and hoping somebody might be able to help as I'm a bit of a stats novice if I'm honest. Basically, I'm looking at the degree of customer-based brand equity posessed by a company, so essentially I have adapted a model made up of 6 'building blocks' respresented...
  19. D

    Visualising survey responses

    Hi there, We have got back the results of a survey and I was hoping someone could help with R code to visualise the results. There were about 20 questions in total with likert scales. We'd like to view the responses by age groups and gender. I think a mosaic plot might be the best but I can't...
  20. C

    SPSS formatting issues

    I have collected SF-36 (multi choice QoL data) for a few hundred patients over three time periods. When the data has been entered after each time period a new row was created in SPSS. Meaning i have three rows containing the different Qol at the different time periods for each patient...