deep learning

  1. A

    Set Level Prediction in Tennis

    Hi all, hope someone can point me in the right direction to help me with the problem below! The Data Lets assume that the dataset I have is solely Set-Level win/loss data for every single professional tennis match in the past X years. PlayerA, PlayerB, Set#, playerA_win Nadal, Federer, 1, 1...
  2. Enable AI

    working student and internship position at German educational start-up

    We at Enable AI are a start-up from Stuttgart, Germany, and we want to empower people to understand and use artificial intelligence. We organize professional trainings and seminars in the B2B area with experts in deep learning, data analysis, data science, machine learning and artificial...
  3. S

    PyCM : New statistical analysis library for post classification in Python

    A classifier is expected to face with many datasets with different characteristics such as being unbalanced. Besides, their missions are different, for example, categorizing data into just two classes or more than two. There are many different parameters for evaluating the performance of a...