1. trinker

    Proper name for scores calculated via formula

    Often in my field folks will take various count data and apply some formula to input different information and output some sort of summary. An example is readability scores: What is this act of data manipulation called? I'b played with ... data transformation data summarizing...
  2. B

    Can a convenience sample ever be considered truly cross-sectional?

    I'm having a debate over terminology with a colleague. We've done a small census survey (n<50) of residents and staff at a local out-patient clinic. Variables are knowledge/attitudes about resident education practices. We are making no assertions about generalizability to other clinics. Is it...
  3. D

    Definition of (objective) Probability

    There are two definition as far as I know (not including subjective probability), and each one has its problems: 1. If O is the set of all equally probable events, and event A is a subset of O, then p(A)=|A|/|O| where |x| is the number of objects in the set x. (cardinality of x) The problem...