degrees of feedom

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    Sample sizer calculation for intestinal surgery

    Hello there, i'm a clinical researcher currently involved in setting up a study to determine whether a certain profylactic treatment to reduce post-operative complications is effective. However, i keep running into all kinds of different sample size calculations and different effect size...
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    Dgrees of freedom of error sum of squares

    For a given metal a experiment was carried out to measure the heat variation with temperature in Celsius.The heat was measured twice at each chosen temperature. If the chosen temperatures are 30,40,75,85,90 Then there would be total of 10 observations(2 for each temperature).In order...
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    Permutation F test - what is the correct F statistic to use?

    Hi all, I'm currently using an ANOVA to analyse some data sets, recently it occurred to me that the data may not be normally distributed - at all. So I decided to 'upgrade' to using a permutation F test which is apparently much more robust in the face of not-normally distributed data. The...
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    Goodness of Fit test with 2 sets of data, not sure how many degrees of freedom I have

    I have two data sets, one with 1000 observations and the other with 50. The observations can equal A, B, C or D. Now using the first set of data I calculate the probabilities P(A)=(freq of A)/100 and similarly for P(B),P(C) and P(D). I now want to use these probabilities to model the second...
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    df fot BETA t-test in ANCOVA

    Hi All, Perhaps this would be a silly question but, in ANCOV, what is the DF for t-test value for a covariate BETA coefficient calculated across all compared groups (i.e. beta like in a regression between covariate and DV but in ancova). Spss and Statistica give only t and p values but...
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    Reporting Degrees of Freedom from SPSS output

    Hello there Is there a simple rule to follow, in order to know which of the numbers in the df column to report on, when looking for the df? I have looked in my two textbooks and online, but it is not clear to me. Help appreciated. Thank you Boon
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    DF in Repeated Measures ANOVA

    Hi all! :wave: In advance: thank you to all those who take the time to even read this post, as well as answer it: Additional to my sunfish study (I talked about in previous posts) I am also conducting a restoration project dealing with treatment and control sites over multiple years. I...