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    Population density variations across countries

    Hello, I am facing a problem for an independent variable for subnational population density in a view to make cross-national analysis across countries. My problem is that I have in my dataset some very densely populated metropolitan areas categorized as a region and great variability in my...
  2. J

    Confidence interval of density distribution

    Hi, I am a university student and I have a trouble with the following example. This is not what I am actually confronting, but I think it will make you understand my point easily. What I want to know is the true distribution of the hair length of a man. So I randomly chose 10 men, and I took...
  3. E

    WinBUGS: not all my nodes are showing a trace

    Hi All, I have set up a winbugs program, and setting a number of nodes to sample. When I go to look at particular nodes (by name or with * in the inference/samples box) some of them don't come up in the trace, (or in density or stats). Has anyone else had this problem, or can tell me what I am...
  4. N

    Finding Joint Posterior Density of Poisson and Exp?

    Hi, Some friends and I have been stuck on this bayesian stats question for five days now, please shed some light if you can :wave: We've tried to multiply the the Poisson posterior density and exponential posterior density together to produce a joint density, but we're told it's not correct :/...
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    How to obtain density values of the heat map of kernel density distribution ?

    Hi all, So that looks tricky to me since I'm not specialized in statistics and softwares, but I'm hopeful that someone will give me an answer. I used R to generate a kernel density distribution of puncta within the region outlined in the figure attached. The problem now that I don't know how...
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    How to calculate conditional density

    Hi, If we have a bivariate Gaussian dist as N(m, a). m=mean and a=variance. how can we find f(x|y) in terms of m and a? Thanks
  7. M

    Non-parametric test equivalent to two-way anova?

    Hi everyone. I have a question on non-parametric tests that replace anova tests. In my first data set, I have scat density data grouped according to habitat type. I have used Kruskal-wallis instead of one-way anova since it is a non-parametric test which does not assume normal distribution...
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    Help finding a multivariable probability density function?

    I'm working on a mathematical modeling problem, where the following diagram will aid my description: A signal is detected by two posts which are separated by 5.43 miles (seen on the left side of the diagram.) The blue lines represent the lines of...
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    Finding Probability Density Function

    Hi guys, I need help with the attached question. Appreciate your quick response.
  10. X

    How to interpret the density of a uniform prior (graph)?

    The graphs are found in the link attached. They are on slides 10, 12, and 13 (although, 12 and 13 should be the same graph, one is just coloured). What do the axes represent? What is the graph telling us?
  11. U

    Chi-square test

    I am trying to use chi-square in an ecological application to compare the densities of trees per hectare over 3 different populations? (such as 35 seedlings in a 12 hectare area vs 250 seedlings in a 16 hectare area vs 332 seedlings in a 24 hectare area). is this an appropriate use of the...
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    Multiplying curves

    Hi there! I want to multiply multiple curves (density distributions, with area under curve = 1). For each curve, I have the x and y values, but x is identical in each curve. All y values are < 1 and close to zero. Thus, when multiplying the values, eventually, I reach zero. Therefore my...