dependent observations

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    Any suggestion for what analysis I can use?

    Hi! I previously posted a similar post in another thread. But I will try to clarify my question in the hope to get a reply. First I just want to say that I have little experience with statistics and that all help is welcome. I am writing my thesis in medicine. I am using three surveys, let's...
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    Looking desperately for advice regarding the statistically correct analysis of dependent data in medical research

    Hello, my name is Andy and I am racking my brain with the following research question: Let's assume you are a surgeon who wants to remove a tumor which is exactly in the middle of the abdomen. The tumor is surgically accessible from a left flank approach or right flank approach in general...
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    3 Independent and 3 Dependent Variables

    Hello everyone, I have to find single data set which including at least 3 independent and 3 dependent variables. I do not know if it is possible. Is there any good website for this?
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    Unpaired, dependent data comparison, or comparison of paired means

    Hi I'm trying to find a statistical test that can help me compare the means of two dependent groups. My data: 1: parameter values from white matter region in an in vivo rat brain 2: parameter values from white matter region in the same rat brain, bur after the tissue has been fixated...
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    Correlation and significance with dependent observations

    Hi, I am trying to correlate two variables of which one variable has dependent observations as it is data derived from a social network. I am intending to use Spearman's rank correlation coefficient. As I understand conventional methods for significance test do not provide reliable results...