descriptive statistics

  1. F

    Descriptive Statstics Question!!

    Hey guys, I need your help: I got following question: Six customers have Tested a new chocolate bar an have rated it on 0-10 scale (10=best) . Calculate the average rating based on how often the customers go shopping and how many chocolate bars they usually buy each time they go...
  2. W

    How to analyze statistical difference between averages of mode, mean and median?

    Attached is the graph with my data: I have 4 distributions of particles of different sizes. For each one of them, a particle size frequency distribution has been measured three times. Median, mean and mode were calculated for each frequency distribution and averaged for each of the four...
  3. victorxstc

    Contributions to writing code that enable R to analyze the "Descriptive" statistics

    Apparently R does use only the raw data. In some other statistical programs, there is the option to calculate some simple tests, only by inputting the descriptive statistics. I for one think it would be much better if we could enable R to run such tests too. There are not many tests that can...
  4. S

    Whether to interpret based on descriptive or infferential statistics in present case?

    In our study which is already completed, I have three groups: Drug A(n=87), Drug B(=62) and Drug C(n=5). The Shapiro-Wilk test, Histograms and Side-by-side Box plots were used to assess normality of the data of the individual group with respect to all the parameters used separately (weight, BMI...
  5. L

    Descriptive Summations

    How would I go about solving this? 1/nΣxi^2=100 and 1/nΣxi=2. Define yi=2xi+1 and find 1/nΣyi^2.
  6. P

    Creating new variable?

    I think what I need to do is create/compute a new variable, but I'm not sure. I'm looking at incidence of cavities in teeth. The way I collected the data is by individual tooth were 0 = no cavities, 1 = one cavity, 2 = one or more cavity in the tooth. But now I want to look at the incidence...
  7. R

    Discussing a model design

    I am a software developer and like stats but no professional so I would like your opinon on how to build a concrete statistical model the goal is to understand what are the most eaten foods in Austria I would like to know what you think of my approach: I go to a supermarket and observe the...