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    I intend to perform and impact evaluation, but I am not sure my data is enough and, even if so, what would be the most appropriate method. I could certainly use some help. I want to evaluate the impact of a new law, reducing costs of formalization for self-employed, on the quantity of...
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    Can I use incomplete panel data for individuals if I control for fixed effects?

    I’m trying to apply a Difference-In-Difference Model with monthly panel data on the words used in the Tweets of about 60 German politicians. Because of the way the Twitter API works, I can only read the last ~3200 Tweets of any given user, which means that there is no data for very active users...
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    Difference between margeff and margins, dydx(*)?

    Hello, I am trying to compute the marginal effects of an xtlogit model. I tried several methods. First of all, in order to compute the marginal effects at the mean, I used - mfx compute - margins, dydx(*) at mean which both give me -0.33 Secondly, in order to compute the average...