difference of two means

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    Homework Question

    Hi, I have a homework question that I don't fully understand. It reads like this: The mean weight of antarctic penguins found in a colony last year was 15.4 kg. In a sample of 35 penguins same time this year in the same colony the mean weight was 14.5kg. Assume the population standard deviation...
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    Help with difference between two means

    Dear statisticians, I have four groups of values, A, B, C and D. I'd like to find out if the difference between groups A and B is significantly different to the difference between groups C and D. For example: Group A: [30, 21, 22, 26]; mean 24.75; stdev 4.11 Group B: [11, 16, 13, 12]...
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    How do I prove asymmetry of random counters?

    I am doing computer simulation of a certain random process. During the simultaion I have eight counters arranged symmetrically on a circle. I suspect that counters 1,3,5,7 count significantly less than counters 2,4,6,8. For instance in one such simulation I got counts 2083149, 2082863...