discriminant analysis

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    Cutting score for linear discriminant analysis

    I did an LDA with the dependent variable which was categorized into 3 groups. but i don't know how to calculate the cutting score. Does anyone know how to do it?
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    Discriminant analysis HW

    I'm stuck on the last question of my HW. I've done a discriminant analysis and got 87,3% correct using cross-validation (leave-one-out). there are only 2 groups; spam & not spam. sample size is 4601. how would I solve the following? Suppose you start using a spam-filter based on the...
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    How to interpret original data after transformation to normality (discriminant analys

    Dear statisticians, Currently i am writing my thesis about business diagnosis. I got big list of companies with their financial data. These data are used to calculate financial ratio's like NITA (net income/total assets). I want to apply discriminant analysis (DA) on these financial ratio's...
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    Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis and Multinomial Logistic Regression - Help!

    Hi Everyone, I am having some serious problems with my analyses and was hoping someone might be able to help me out! I have a sample of 95 participants, who have been classified into three groups using a cluster analysis. I used hierarchical cluster analysis for this, and had 26 variables...
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    Linear Discriminant Analysis - Sample size requirements

    As general question, Are 70 observations sufficient to design a reliable decision rule for discriminating between two groups, with a Fisher linear discriminant function?
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    Factor & Discriminant Analysis

    From a large data set, I've created several groupings of individuals based on factor analysis. In the future, if I want to predict which group an individual fits into based on the same questions, should I use the factor loadings I have, or do a discriminant analysis (or logistic regression - the...
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    Mahalanobis distance among clusters obtained by Discriminant function Analysis

    Hi everyone I am new here and first of all I would to say hello. I have a question. I am trying to assess similarity among groups. I ran a discriminant function analysis using 10 variables and now I would like see how similar are the groups, so I was reading and I figured I could measure...
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    MANCOVA with all predictors being continuous variables - how to follow-up?

    Dear Stats Experts, I would be most grateful for any thoughts on the following: I have a cross-sectional dataset with 7 outcome variables from 100 subjects. The outcome variables are of equal theoretical priority and are moderately correlated. I chose MANCOVA because I am interested in the...
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    MANOVA Sig. Interaction but no Sig. simple main effects - How to proceed?

    Hi All, I'm running a study on delay discounting. My predictor variables are induction condition (stress vs. relaxation) and reward responsiveness (high vs. low). The dependent variables were proportion of immediate choices on two laboratory measures of discounting. I ran a MANOVA and got...
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    Pointers for a 2x2 Discriminant Analysis? Can you do multiple DAs on the same MANOVA?

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction for help on performing a DA on a two-factor (2 IVs each with 2 groups) design. I've got the 2-way MANOVA done and found a significant interaction term, and I was wondering whether there was a better way to handle the data other...