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    help for final dissertation in finance- very easy stat - URGENT! :-)

    Hi I am about finishing my thesis in finance but I don't remember anything about statistics and I need your help!! here is my issue: the topic of the thesis is "exit strategies of private equity funds in luxury goods company". The hypothesis is that, given 3 possible types of exits (trade...
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    In need of help with choosing a statistical test for dissertation results!!

    Thanks again for the help. Only had time to do spearman's but worked out well
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    Statistic Analysis & Variable type questions

    Hello! My dissertation mentor has only told me that any methodology option would be valuable which really hasn't provided me much guidance, so I'm hoping to find some guidance here. My study is investigating the relationship between number of years enrolled in a music class and overall...
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    Calculating Sample Size for a prospective/longitudinal study

    I am an undergraduate conducting a literature review. I am wanting to discuss sample size among the papers I am critiquing. The papers I am analyzing are studying hearing impaired populations over a given time, to discover whether they are more susceptible to cognitive decline. How do I...