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    merging partial duplicates

    merging partial duplicates (please help) Dear reader, I have a question in regards to preparing my dataset for research. I have a dataset in SPSS 20 in long format as I am researching on individual level over multiple years. However some individuals were added twice to my dataset because...
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    How to duplicate cases in one date set order to match the other before merging

    Hi! I have two data sets which I need to merge. 1) demographic data (=one ID per row) 2) Up to 5 duplicates of each ID with different entries per row. Now I can't just delete the duplicates in order to merge the sets as each entry in (2) is important. Also,the data is quite larger...
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    Removing duplicate measurements using Sigmaplot 13

    Hi, Does anyone know how to remove duplicate values in one column and the corresponding values in the neighbouring column in Sigmaplot 13? Need help asap with this problem.
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    how to creat a data.frame with Duplicate column names

    I want to creat a data frame with the Duplicate column names, and it also contain rownams which are not Duplicate. The following is my code. X <- data.frame(bad=1:3, worse=rnorm(3)) colnames(X) <- c("good", "good") row.names(X)<-c("a","b","c") who can help me? Thank you very much.
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    Combining Duplicates (by row)

    Good morning, I have a file that has duplicated cases with both missing and different variable information. My file looks something like this: ID Sex School Grade Age Race 1234 F Wilson 8 11 Black 1234 Wilson 11 Black 4321 M...
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    Delete duplicates based on various variables

    I have a dataset of articles found for a literature review. I have their TITLE, YEAR of PUBLICATION, AUTHOR, and other variables. I know that there are duplicates in my dataset. I would like to delete duplicates based on TITLE, YEAR, AUTHOR. MY title is a string variable and its a little bit...
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    How can you map IDs even when duplicates are eliminated?

    I currently have a large set of objects in SPSS (>100000) each with about 60 columns of data, including an ID number. There are many duplicate ID numbers in this set of data. My goal is to convert the ID numbers that I currently have into another form of ID number using a piece of software that...
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    Removing duplicates in SPSS when three of the columns match each other

    I have a large dataset in SPSS with approximately 60 columns and about 100,000 rows. I would like to remove cases where the values in three columns exactly match between two different cases. I have provided an example below to illustrate my request. Original Dataset: 03/29/2012 573033...
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    Detecting duplicates for the first two col and selecting one according to a third col

    I have a database with only three columns but with many thousands of rows. The first and the second columns report numerical ID, and their combination indicate a link (e.g. A-B equal to B-A). Now, I need to delete all rows that are duplicates for the link, selecting the row with the highest...