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    Employee satisfaction database

    Hi! Me and my friend were searching for potential master thesis topics. We have thought of a topic on how the employee satisfaction of a company affects its financial results/firm performance. We would like to examine whether there is a difference in between industries, based on their amount of...
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    eQualityCoin- What type of model is this?

    Hi everyone, I've been working on developing a crypto-currency called eQualityCoin for a while now and hoped someone here might be able to help me "classify" the system in a formal mathematical sense. The system's main feature is a simple rule for how it determines a purchaser's exchange...
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    Random variates and expected value

    Hi all. I have a spreadsheet with standard normally distributed random variates in one column. How do I find the expected value and variance based on x number of simulations?
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    Suggestions for model fit with unusual data set?

    Good morning, I'm struggling to fit a satisfactory model to a data set I have resulting from a systematic review. I performed a systematic review of estimated $ valuations of grasslands and the services they provide. All grasslands provide all services, but some studies only value one of...
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    Somewhat long introduction/explanation

    I wanted to stop by and intro myself with a sort of long introduction so that if you think I might be asking a lot of questions, here's why. I'm in the middle of this doctoral dissertation and I have a lot of PTSD and grief wrapped up in it. It's a complicated story so I'm going to try and...
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    Multiple Linear Regression

    Hello, Im trying to forecast an economic predictor and our professor hasn't been very clear as to what to do for this project. I know I am supposed to use multiple linear regression y = b0+b1x1+b2x2+... to my understanding, I have found b through holding my variables constant and...
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    Extend economics thesis with multivariate analysis

    Dear all, Working on my Master Thesis I got the remark from my supervisor that I have to extend the research with a multivariate analysis. I have been looking at literature, text books and different forums how to approach this, but could not find any usefull sugestions. If anyone could help...
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    Fieller-Hinkley Ratio of Correlated Random Variables: Question On Applying Theory

    I am a senior in college writing a thesis analyzing and critiquing government income transfer programs, such as SNAP (food stamps). Here is my issue. I am using data collected from the consumer expenditure survey, which will typically provide means, sample sizes, and standard errors. I am...
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    Analyse unemployment rate and public expenditure on active labour market policies?

    Hello everyone, I have a data set of OECD. I would like to analyse the relation between this two indicators: the relation between unemployment rate and public expenditure on active labour market policies. I have the percentage of unemployment rate and the percentage of GDP dedicate to active...
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    Calculating probability that a business will find a buyer and sell

    Bare with me whilst I try and explain this one. I work for a business that finds companies to buy a client business that's signed up with us. I have been compiling a spreadsheet with data of deals completed and closed during the past 2 years, and what I want to do is find a way to calculate the...
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    behavioural economics experiment - non parametric repeated measures manova

    hi there, I wonder if sbdy could help me with my dissertation project. I am stuck with the analysis n tried to consult a few people but unfortunately they either have limited experience, knowledge or interest in the subject of statistics/behavioural economics. Basically, I got a mixed...
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    How to determine what IV is the best predictor of DV? Advice appreciated

    I work in real estate. I am trying to determine what quantitative characteristic is the most reliable indicator of sale price. In other words, in commercial real estate, should I determine value based on square footage or on sales volume? As a noob, I thought that simply comparing...
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    in economics; Market share change relative to market growth

    Hi all I am not professional neither in economics nor in statistics, and I was wondering if you could help me: I am working on a project that simulates a systems that tells to companies if they are doing good or bad considering their marketing share. Lets say we are in the fax industry...
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    Exogenous Regime Switching

    I currently have a model that measures inflation expectations as follows: y(t) = a*x(t) + (1-a)*y(t-1) I'm looking to create a regime switching models that change the values of "a" based upon a shock to an exogenous variable (let's say "z(t)"). Are there any methods which estimate the...
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    Exogenous Regime Switching Models

    Hi, I'm new to the site, so bear with me! I currently have a model that measures inflation expectations as follows: y(t) = a*x(t) + (1-a)*y(t-1) I'm looking to create a regime switching models that change the values of "a" based upon a shock to an exogenous variable (let's say...
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    determining smoothing parameter in HP filter

    I'm trying to determine an smoothing parameter for the Hodrick-Prescott Filter. I've seen there are papers on the topic, but they are far to advanced for my comprehension. If I have a data set, X, what are the steps to take? Please any suggestions are helping!!
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    Back-testing Stock Selection - Data Analysis Help Needed

    Hey everyone! I'm a finance grad and am doing my first big project back-testing some stock selection methods. I have spent the last few weeks writing a big vba program to run the back-test and I have the following: 10 dates (5 years semi-annual) and 40 companies where, for a given...