empirical distribution

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    Empirical Survivor Function (esf)

    From page 26, chapter 2 of the reference "Tableman, M., & Kim, J. S. (2003). Survival analysis using S: analysis of time-to-event data. CRC press", I have found the definition of the empirical survivor function (esf) is S(t) = (number of individuals > t)/n . But from page 80, chapter 3 of...
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    L1 distance between empirical and true distribution for discrete distributions

    I have a discrete distribution over the set {1, \ldots, d} with a corresponding pmf P. Given a dataset with n i.i.d. samples from P, I compute the empirical distribution as Q. I want to bound from above and below E[\|P-Q\|_1]. I would think that this is something well known, but I just can't...
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    Compute variable drawn from empirical distribution

    I am trying to compute a variable whereby I replace a value (9) in an ordinal variable with a randomly generated value drawn from an empirical distribution while keeping the other values (1-4) the same as the original variable. I can accomplish this in SPSS if a theoretical distribution...